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What makes a Surprise Gift Box special ?

Harper Mitchell

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I was amazed at the gift box I received—super practical and useful! My daughter mentioned she found it on the Giftlancer web-app.

October 31, 2023

Emma Miller

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I absolutely adore everything about my box, as suggested by this giftlancer. The gift choices and self care packages are right up my alley.

December 1, 2023

Team Team Team Team Team
4.95 out of 5 stars from 123 reviews from our users See all….

About Us

What is

A Gift Box Company

Giftlancer offers a variety of gift box ideas, including themed boxes and virtual gift boxes.. 

We provide well-researched and experience-based gift ideas sourced from reputable authorities in the gifting niche. Our recommendations cover all occasions and recipients..

What is a Surprise Gift Box and how does it work ?

A surprise gift is a present given without the recipient knowing about it beforehand. It brings excitement as the recipient discovers the present’s nature only when they open it, creating anticipation and joy..

Here how’s it work!


Identify the recipient and their preferences.
Decide on a creative presentation for the gift box (digital or themed gift box).
Gather the recipient’s details, like address or email.
The chosen item, whether it is digital or in a gift box, is sent/shipped to their specified address.

What is the difference between a digital gift box and a themed gift box?

Digital gift box

Eco-Friendly : As there are no physical materials involved, digital gift boxes are more environmentally friendly..

Accessibility :  They are easily accessible from anywhere with an internet connection, which makes them convenient for both senders and recipients. 

Reduced Shipping Costs: : Since there’s no need for physical shipping, digital gift boxes can save on shipping costs, especially for long-distance or international deliveries..

Themed gift boxes

Theme-Centric Contents: : The items within the box are carefully selected to align with a specific theme, such as a holiday, hobby, or interest.

Surprise Element: Themed gift boxes often include surprises or unexpected items related to the theme, adding an element of excitement and anticipation for the recipient.

Memorability: Due to their unique and curated nature, themed gift boxes tend to leave a lasting impression on recipients, making them memorable gifts for special occasions. 

Themed gift boxes contain physical items centered around a specific theme, while digital gift boxes consist of virtual content delivered electronically.

Why choose your themed gift box service.

A Gift Box Company

We are humbled to say that Giftlancer is the only online gift box website that provides both digital and physical gift boxes.

Our goal is to ensure gift boxes are the go to whenever the need for gifting arises.

Is for a surprise gift service

A Gift Box Company

A surprise gift service is a special website that helps you make surprises easier with the desired results.

There is no limit to what a surprise gift could be. It could either be an electronic gift or a physical gift, as long as it has that element of surprise attached to it.

Giftlancer fits this definition perfectly. It acts as a surprise gift service, enabling you to send gifts in a surprising way, either electronically or physically, making it a great choice for your surprise gift-giving needs.