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Frequently Asked Questions

Updated on 14th of April, 2023

Is my personal information and payment data secure on your website?

Assure customers of the security measures you have in place to protect their personal information and payment data.

Can I schedule the delivery of a letter for specific date and time?

Explain if customers have the option to schedule the delivery of their letters to arrive on a specific date and time.

What language option are available for the letters?

Specify the languages in which you offer your gift letters, and if there are options for multilingual content

Do you offer refunds or exchanges for personalized letters?

Clarify your refund and exchange policy for personalized letters, especially if they contain custom content.

Can I add a signature of a photo to the letter?

Inform customers if they can include a handwritten signature or a personal photo in their letters.

Are there any discounts or promotions available for bulk orders?

Explain if you offer special discounts or promotions for customers placing large orders or purchasing multiple letters.

What is the difference between a gift letter and a traditional greeting card?

Highlight the unique features and advantages of sending a gift letter compared to a standard greeting card